The Cost Of Doing Business Essay

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The Cost of “Doing Business” Think for a moment about the people in your life, friends, family and co-workers, reflect also on yourself. Now visualize the current state of these people, are they overweight, underweight, look tired or stressed? Do they work long hours, eat poorly and lack exercise? Perhaps they are overworked, putting in more hours to climb the corporate ladder to make a higher salary. Simple economics teaches us that everything has an opportunity cost, however we tend not to view our own health as an opportunity cost, or the cost of doing business. What is the monetary value of our health in relation to being financially successful? Will working longer hours and sacrificing our health today really give us more financial freedom in the future? Or will we succumb to the laundry list of diseases associated with poor health and inactivity and lose our financial freedom due to countless medical bills. A large percentage of the annual worldwide recorded deaths are related to health issues associated with inactivity. This almost guarantees that at least one if not several of the people you thought of will face the possibility of dying from health complications associated with inactivity1; including yourself. I believe and will work to prove that the key to achieving financial freedom includes more awareness of our lifestyle, and the incorporation of regular activity. In 2008 a British medical journal The Lancet released a report which concluded roughly 9% (5.3…

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