The Cost Of College Debt Essay

756 Words Feb 10th, 2016 4 Pages
Imagine sitting in a high school classroom with a teacher that has just placed a trash bin at the front of the classroom. The teacher asks the students to perform a simple task, crumple up a piece of paper and throw it in the trash bin. The only difficult part is that the students are not allowed to leave their seats, or to move their seats. Every student in the room attempts to throw their wad of paper and inevitably not many of them make it. The few people that do happen to make it in are the one’s whose desks are at the front of the classroom, because after all it was easier for them. The one’s at the back of the room begin to complain that the game was simply unfair and did not work to their advantage, and they are right. The system did not work to their advantage, although a system very similar to this exists in the way higher education is funded in the United States Currently. The amount of college debt that exists currently keeps low-income students out of highly prestigious schools. The unfortunate reality of higher education in America, is that many people get trapped under immense amounts of debt. According to The Institute for College and Success “Average debt for all graduating seniors with student loans rose to $29,400 in 2012.” The students who choose to go to private non-profit schools have greater debt, and the student that choose to go to a for-profit school end up paying even more. Potential students will fund college through a variety of means…

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