The Corruption Of Police Officers Essay

1491 Words Dec 18th, 2015 6 Pages
In today’s society, cops are now portrayed as power hungry villains abusing their power acting about the law. Many people feel cops need less power. I don’t believe this is the case are all and I don’t agree with this opinion. Some cops, a few amount, may act aggressive or just plain power hungry, but I don’t believe the whole bunch should be penalized for the actions of a few. The people think this way because of the media and families who can’t handle the fact that their kin would do something illegal so they slander the cops. The media only worse the case because they have a hawk eye for bad cop stories. I feel people and the media need to take a step back and let the cops do their job.
Would you like to be taken to court for doing your job? Police officers are getting taken to court left and right by families who are suffering from lost ones. A family in South Carolina was pressing charges on an officer. The officer was attempting to arrest their son while he was making a drug deal in a parking lot. The officer charged the teenager at gun point and the teenager attempted to run the officer over. Consequently, the officer opened fire, killing the teen. The teen tested positive for cocaine and marijuana in his blood stream. The teen was also on a destructive path shown by his text messages. Solicitor Adams had this to say, "Almost every text message deals with Hammond selling drugs to multiple individuals including marijuana, acid, cocaine and prescription pills,…

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