The Core Concept Of Marketing

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The world we live in today continually revolves around the core concept that the economy will remain to evolve into a more stable structure which will affect everybody within their work, lifestyle and daily routine. The highly critical discipline in marketing will provide businesses with the platform to retract from the low points in the economic cycle and thus improve themselves constantly. Marketing is an essential organisational function and set of processes used to help businesses increase their sales and produce a higher profit turnover each year by communicating the value of a product to customers. The field of marketing has always fascinated me as the opportunities to broaden my knowledge of the world we live in today and the way to help successfully promote a business’s product or service are endless.
Studying business studies at A level has captivated me a lot, and the passion for this subject has immensely grown over time. The division of marketing within a business is the epicentre for which the business can thrive towards meeting its aims and objectives. In my opinion the creation of brand loyalty through the use of effective marketing techniques will give the business an edge over its competitors. The lifetime value of customer loyalty will be the defining factor between a business making a profit and ultimately surviving in a competitive industry.
Going into a marketing profession I understand that analytical skills are very important in the world we live in

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