The Contributions Of Immigrants American Culture Essay

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The Contributions of Immigrants to American Culture
According to Hirschman 2, the American Immigration standard account pays much attention to the acculturation as well as the assimilation that the immigrants are going through. Moreover, the immigrants do not find opportunities to contribute to the American culture creation through arts as well as other cultural activities. Immigrants have more talents as compared to the Native American citizens. However, because they are not Native Americans that finds it difficult to pursue the career. As a result, the American institutions have become more meritocratic. They have also come up with innovations that never existed before. From this, the article would be very good in explaining how identity has become a great challenge to most immigrants. From the author, we see that it is difficult for an immigrant to become successful in a foreign land.
The Real meaning of American Values
The author of this article has managed to express different perspective about the meaning of American. Different people have different meanings of the term. Some people consider the term American value to be associated with the American economy, freedom, religious morals, and values while others consider it to be all about individualism. This article appropriately defines the term “American Values”. It can bring a big picture on how immigrants can perceive the term immigrant. Moreover, it is also the best article when it comes to explaining how…

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