Essay about The Continuity Of Mind And Body

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Anne Conway argued for the continuity of mind and body. During this essay I will first discuss three arguments Anne Conway made for the continuity of mind and body. I will then raise a question I have about her arguments. I will then consider how she may answer this question. I will conclude with whether or not this answer is satisfactory or not.
Anne Conway first argues that spirit and body do not differ in essence but rather only differ in degree. She argues that they differ in degree “based on the intimate union or bond that exists between spirits and bodies, by means of which spirits control the bodies they are united with, moving them around and using them as instruments in their various operations.” She furthers her argument by pushing against Descartes theory of a “vital fit” she suggests rather that this would not require a spirit to have such an organized body. She argues that if it were true that the spirit and the body differed entirely then when the spirit moved it would leave the body behind because they differ so much. Instead Conway thinks that the spirit and body work like a ship and its sails, in that the sails move the ship along much like the spirit moves the body along. If there were holes in the sails, then the ship would not move forward, this is comparable to the body and its soul. If the soul was impenetrable and the body penetrable then the soul could not make the body move. She furthers this claim by stating that God moves bodies in a…

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