The Contamination Crisis Of The Coca Cola Company In India

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Crisis Communication
Question 1
The key problem that Gupta should focus on the short term is the ability to maintain the company reputation when facing the contamination crisis (Crandall, Parnell & Spillan, 2010). The Coca-cola Company in India needed to keep the trust of the customers by showing that their products were safe for consumption. Failure to maintain the company reputation during the problem would lead to adverse effects on the company including financial loss. Gupta had to ensure that he convinced the customers that the allegations by CSE were false and provided evidence to prove his point. Besides, the Indian government moved to ban Coke products that would affect the operation of the company in the country. Gupta had to find
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However, the company needed show that they are taking necessary steps that would discover and correct any problem that existed. Showing the customers that company cared about their health would increase the trust on the products thus limiting the impact on the sales of the company. Nonetheless, the use of press conference to address the issue provided an avenue for the customers to gain more personal with the company management. It was one of the best ways that the company would have used to show that they care about their clients rather than issuing threats for a lawsuit.
The key constituents in the crisis of Coca-cola in India included their customers, employees, the government and CSE. The customers were affected through consuming products that would probably affect their health. The workers needed the security of their jobs and ensured the products met the required qualities. The CSE was the main body concerned with the quality of the products. The Indian government also needed to take action depending on the data they got about the qualities of the products.
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The first step was to ensure that the company met the international quality standards of soft drinks. The negligence in the quality assurance department in India could be the primary reason why the CSE found the high levels of unwanted chemicals in the coke products. Coca-cola India would have further avoided the crisis through taking necessary corrective measures when the CSE first showed that the water from the company had chemicals. Even though the incident of water faded without causing the crisis, it was an indicator that there was a need to investigate and develop strategies to ensure that the products meet the international quality

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