The Constitution For The New Government Essay

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In devising the Constitution for the new government, the founders were too confident that the political parties would play no formal role in the government. Thus, they wrote no word in the Constitution regarding the political parties. For the initial eight years of the America’s presence, George Washington, the first America’s President, had brought a unifying and harmony vicinity in the country. In a few years after 1789, still, he was able to practice the unbiased leadership on the new government. Yet, through the weaknesses of the Constitution’s essences, there came the two influential political parties at the end of his presidential years. Both sides rose amid the middle of Washington 's second term, and Washington was not satisfied. Each of them arose with their own thought and agendas in building the new nation. It was all happened in a fast moment. Right after George Washington resignation, the country rapidly parted into contradicting camps along ideological lines; those two sides soon got to be known as Republicans and Federalist, the country 's two genuine political parties. Having a strong faith with the national government, the Federalist was led by Alexander Hamilton along with John Adams. Also called as the organization for the “Loose Constructionist”, the Federalist, according to Foner, was followed by the elitist, who were reflecting the traditional eighteenth-century view of society as a fixed hierarchy and of public office for men of economic substance…

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