Summary Of Kurt Cobain's Conspiracy Theory

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"A conspiracy theory, Uscinski and Parent explain, is defined by four characteristics: “(1) a group (2) acting in secret (3) to alter institutions, usurp power, hide truth, or gain utility (4) at the expense of the common good”" (Shermer). There are multiple aspects of a conspiracy theory explained in the quote above but the most intriguing one is about people hiding the truth and gaining utility. Take for example the tragedy of Kurt Cobain and how his wife may have hired someone to kill him. Knowing why Courtney Love wanted Cobain dead, how Cobain`s suicide does not add up, and why he didn’t want to kill himself will help defend this logical theory. Why would Courtney Love want her husband dead? The answer is simple Courtney and …show more content…
At the end of Cobain`s life he was finally turning things around and getting rid of the negativity that surrounded him. When Cobain died, he had just had a baby. All the people around him said that he was doing great. His doctor had just figured out what medication he should be taking for his stomach problems which he had for years but was finally cured (Rae). Having those stomach problems gone Kurt Cobain`s mental health could have gotten better. Kurt did not feel like his life was over at that point in time. Its idiotic to think that Cobain wanted to kill himself. Courtney Love could have played a part in Kurt Cobain's death; accomplishing her goal of gaining money and revenge. Overall aspects of the Cobain suicide case did not add up and was overlooked by society. The reason the case does not add up is because it's believed that Courtney Love could have murdered her husband for personal gain. In addition, with all the changes in Kurt Cobain`s life he most likely did not want to kill himself. “We have no right to express an opinion until we know all of the answers.” (Cobain). So often people let things slip through the cracks instead of looking at the hard

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