Obstacles In Kurt Vonnegut's Life

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Kurt Vonnegut was a famous author who had experienced different life impacting events in his lifetime. He was born and raised in America but enlisted in the Army and fought in World War II. He had to deal with problems in his childhood that in a way carried on to his adult life. While he was in the Army, he went to war and he had experienced traumatic events. When going through traumatic events, or seeing those around you suffer, you do not forget those moments. He had quite a few obstacles in his lifetime to face and overcome. Kurt was born in Indianapolis, Indiana on November 11, 1922 to Kurt Sr. and Edith. Kurt had two siblings, Bernard and Alice. Kurt Senior was a successful architect but once the Depression hit, the family took a huge …show more content…
After High School, he attended Cornell University where he then wrote for their school paper. He then decided to enlist in the Army, who sent him to Germany. In Germany he was part of the Battle of the Bulge, where he and others were captured and became prisoners of war. They were sent to Dresden, Germany. While they were all still being held, bombers from Britain and America wiped out the city, but Kurt and the others managed to survive the bombings because they were underground. Kurt’s job after the bombing was to get the dead bodies and burn them (Allen).Most people struggle with death and have different ways of dealing with it, but Kurt was forced to dispose of the bodies in a heartless way. While Kurt did not have a relationship with those who were killed, it is only human to feel emotional while burning all of those bodies. It is an event that would leave a scar on anyone. Encyclopedia of World Biography mentions that before ,Kurt went to war, he studied at Cornell University and majored in biology and chemistry. Then when he returned home from the war, he studied anthropology at the University of Chicago (Kurt Vonnegut Biography). He also married Jane Cox, which they had three children together. He worked at General Electric before his writing career took off. While three different sources mention that Kurt and Jane had adopted his sister’s three children after her

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