Tomorrow And Tomorrow Kurt Vonnegut Analysis

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Plot is certainly the most imperative component of most literary works, especially short stories. With the help of an excellent plot, a phenomenal story is made. This was achieved with the short story, “Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow”. Kurt Vonnegut mastered the elements of the prominent narrative arc. Vonnegut intrigues the audience with an exceptional exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and denouement. The exposition of a narrative is the introduction to the characters and the conflict at hand. This introduction is the foundation for the rest of the literary work. In the exposition of Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow there is a specific description of the setting and the audience is introduced to two characters, Lou …show more content…
“Morty kicked the door shut, but not before Lou had glimpsed what was in his hand—Cramps ' enormous economy-size bottle of anti-gerasone, which had been half-emptied, and which Morty was refilling to the top with tap water.” (Page 7 Vonnegut). This shows that Lou and Em were not the only characters affected by Cramps daunting presence. Although Lou was fed up with the entirety of the situation, he had a change of heart and decided to properly restore the medicine. Unfortunately, as Lou restores the medicine the bottle shatters into pieces just as Cramps walks through the door. This instance gives the reader a taste of irony as the narrative moves into the …show more content…
When the sizable family listens to Lou read the note, they immediately start fighting over who gets possession of the daybed in the apartment. As the arguments escalates, the police show up to the scene and puts the family in jail. “After two hours of struggle, with nothing like a decision in sight, the cops broke in. For the next half-hour, patrol wagons and ambulances hauled away Schwartzes, and then the apartment was still and spacious.” (Page 11 Vonnegut). The cause and effect aspect of plot plays a role in this part of the story. The narrator shows that the scheme that Morty tried to pull earlier got Lou in trouble, causing Cramps to leave, and then the rest of the family being put in jail for

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