Situational Irony In Animal Farm

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The literary device, irony, can be used for many different parts in a story. Irony plays a key role to keep a story progressing. It has the capability to, increase focus on main events, see things from a different perspective, and create suspense. Eric Wright is a remarkable author who understands how to create and use irony in a story. Wright interprets irony throughout his story Twins to develop his characters. Wright uses situational, dramatic and verbal irony to establish suspenseful plots that lead to unanticipated actions by characters. To start with, situational Irony in the story Twins is used to shape the wife’s character, leading her to do abrupt actions. The wife twists the whole plot around and undertakes something the readers …show more content…
The author uses verbal irony to help the reader better understand the characters, and give a glimpse of what they might do next. For instance, the wife knows the husband is going to pull out a gun without ammunition in it, It isn’t going to work” (Wright 4) “It’ll work, alright. It's going to work” (Wright 4).The readers knows the gun is not going to work, but the other characters in the story don’t. At this point in the story, we know everything the wife knows, but the husband does not know everything. On that occasion, the wife is exceedingly mischievous and disingenuous by taking out the bullets of the gun without her husband knowing. The wife in the story was not aware her husband was going to pull out his gun at this moment. She was hoping the last question she asked got a different response but instead she heard “Don’t turn around Lucy” (Wright 3). The readers knew the husband has pulled out his gun and is ready to shoot. The wife doesn't know until after she turns around, as she is waiting for her husband to answer her question that she asked before. The husband is very willing by wanting to end the life of someone who he used to love just for a new person he’d rather have. As a result, the plot completely twisted by the husband pulling out a gun and the wife knowing the day before and taking out the

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