The Conservation Role Of Captive Propagation In Zoos Analysis

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Bruning F. Donald. “The Conservation Role of Captive Propagation in Zoos.” 10.2 (1987): 225-258. JSTOR. Web. 19 Apr. 2016.
The point of this article is to explain the contrasting organizations that are involved with endangered animals, and zoos. The first part of the article is spent describing what the different organizations do to help. The second part of the article describes all of the differing endangered birds, and what zoos and people could be doing to save endangered animals. The author lists the endangered birds: Condors, Guam Birds, Hawaiian Birds, and others too. This article mentions what zoos are doing to assist wildlife conservation, and how workers of the Colonial Waterbird Society aid zoos as well. The author tries to convince
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One zoo, the Odense Zoo in Denmark, killed a healthy lion to be dissected in front of school children. It states how it is beneficial for school children to witness “real life”. One point of this article is that when an animal does not have any more purpose in the breeding program, because their genes are represented, that they are not useful to the zoo anymore. They therefore are slaughtered in front of guests attending the zoo. This article also states that other zoos are also killing healthy animals, and shows the slaughtered animal off for educational purposes. The author argues with the killing of healthy …show more content…
Barbara King exploits Bengt Holst, the man that authorized the killing of the lion. The goal of this article is to show people what actually happens in zoos. Another objective was for King to argue with the points that Holst made with him agreeing with the killing of healthy animals. This article is very useful for this research question because most articles try to show favorable events that happen at zoos and this article just shows the bad and really opens peoples’ eyes. This information is reliable because it comes from NPR, a dependable and popular news

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