The Consequences Of War Is Bad Essay

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There is no doubt that war is bad. but they are part of our reality. They exist because humans have not been able, after thousands of years of supposed civilization, to agree on basic issues of coexistence. It is the greatest catastrophe that can occur to humans. It brings death and destruction, the slaughter without mercy and carnage, disease and hunger, poverty and ruin in its wake. One only has to think about the ravages that occurred in several countries not many years ago, in order to estimate the destructive effects of the war. A particularly disturbing aspect of modern wars is that they tend to become global in order to engulf the entire world.

A war has the imminent consequence, the death of civilians who have nothing to do with war, neither for or against it. This in itself is a violation of the universal principle of not killing or causing harm or suffering to others. Every year a war happens in a part of our world, perhaps they are not known but they happen. A great example is the air attacks that happen daily in Syria. We can check this with the documentary "White Helmets" where we see a group of people who respond quickly to any air attack and rescue the victims of these. There we can see the deaths that happen, we see people who are crushed under the houses, babies born who do not have the opportunity to live even one day. Unfortunately losing a life is no longer taken as important as it was previously taken.

Modern wars are aimed at achieving victory…

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