The Consequences Of Society In Anthem, By Ayn Loxley

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“We can evade reality, but we cannot evade the consequences of reality.” This quote by Ayn Rand shows that a group or society can try to pretend that people will stay under control, but in time, a person’s curiosity and independence will shine through. In Anthem, the futuristic society Equality 7-2521 lives in wants to erase the past and its conflicting views, hence a new world is created where all men are expected to live as one in unity, with few new ideas and opinions. Equality’s new society could go the same way since he is idealizing it to be like the
“Unmentionable Times”, so history might repeat itself. The rules and controls in Equality’s society were put in place because the World Council wanted to erase the past, or the “Unmentionable
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“We are nothing. Mankind is all. By the grace of our brothers are we allowed our lives. We exist through, by and for our brothers who are the State. Amen”(Rand 21). This chant, taught while to every child during their young school days, shows that everybody had to act for everybody else and no longer lived as a single person. The Council would rarely accept new idea because they were not thought by all, like when Equality discovered electricity. “This was the only thing which moved, for the lips of the oldest did not move as the said: “Street Sweeper”(Rand 26). The government also did not tolerate unchangeable differences, like when Equality was placed into the lowly job of a Street Sweeper, because he was known to be smarter and different from the others. Afterall, the ideal goal of the new lifestyle was to keep control of all actions and thoughts of the people to avoid …show more content…
Because Equality was always different from the crowd and struggled to conform to what the government wanted, he later ran away with his lover and created a new life for himself. He planned to shape a new society for him and the future generations to come that was like the “Unmentionable Times,” but did not think about the consequences and how it could end up just like it did before with a controlling government. Overall, this novel shows how society can get out of control because of conflict, and how it can prove detrimental to a person’s

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