How Have Humans Changed The Environment Essay

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Emerging from the dark abyss of the ocean, a marine biologist might consider the coexistence of life they study as well as the life they live. The entwined fates of each animal thrives upon the conditions of their environment. Their environment is based upon the conditions of the world. Humans are destroying the world. Global Warming is the primary example. The destruction of our atmosphere is primarily caused by humans yet some individuals And scientists don’t accept this responsibility. Humans releasing abundant amounts of CO2 have changed the environment throughout history yet the human society has not taken action to correct this behavior. As humans, we release 12.4 tons of carbon dioxide per average household while a single tree can …show more content…
To better explain, IPCC illustrates how human interactions have led to these numbers. The facts that greenhouse gas release has increased, though “economic and population growth” and now the “atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide” are much higher than ever before. The ozone layer that bounces harmful UV Rays from our planet 's surface can crumble because of the greenhouse gas it holds. The gas actually eats part of the layer and allows those harmful Rays into our life cycle.
Some might ask why is Global Climate Change bad? Climate change actually influences many of the normal cycles of nature, such as temperature, precipitation, glacier size, and sea levels. Although this seems not life threatening, the equations these factors affect can devastate life on earth as we know it. This was addressed through data of “record warmth” that was “observed in all major ocean basins” on the eastern and western Atlantic “particularly near coasts” (“Global Analysis”). In other words, the climate is changing to the warmth and not only of the land but the ocean as well. Homeostasis is important for all living things. Homeostasis is like a kid going home. They have a process that ensures their survival. With a record high, the homeostasis level is being effected. It shows how that process

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