The Natural Environment From Mesoamerica And The Andes

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ANTH 235 Fall 2016 Final Exam essays

The natural environment has been used to help explain the rise and fall of archaeological cultures across the world. Evaluate the relative importance of environment with specific examples from Mesoamerica and the Andes.

The environment has always been a key factor of the success or implosion for civilizations all around the globe. Mesoamerica and the Andes, both hold a handful of societies that were created, expanded, and even destroyed by the natural environment in which they once flourished. Creation and expansion of certain civilizations were causes of extreme fertile land, large water sources, and strategic locations for protection from enemies and/or for trade with others societies. On the downside,
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These differences in each of the ecosystems lead to a great difference of resources produced in each area. To separate the different ecosystems throughout the three zones, they are divided into vertical zones, showing what each specific area of land is good for from herding to crop production to fishing. In every specific zone, there is different civilization inhabits it. More specifically, Real Alto, Ecuador and Huaca Prieta, Peru both fall on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. These areas experienced climate change which created a more modern climate, and this change would’ve increased maritime resources and thus increased trade. In Mesoamerica, the Aztec’s capital, Tenochtitlan, was formed on an island in the Lake Texcoco. This location enforced protection from enemies, using the water as a boundary, and provided many necessary resources for the capital’s population to flourish. Also, their home established a new way of agriculture called Chinampas, lake mud piled on “rafts” of vegetation and anchored with willow. These “floating gardens” produced an abundance of food for the Aztec people, and was a unique way they adapted to their …show more content…
If written texts cannot be found or translated, then the next best things would be to have people of that specific nationality still living today. Their ancestors could’ve passed down oral stories of the nation, and the daily lives of the people who once lived there. Important “facts” previously established by archaeologists can now be proven false, which changes the entire outlook on a group of people. These false assumptions could change a civilization, who was once thought of as peaceful to a cannibalistic group of warriors. Assumptions can sometimes be proven accurate, but it’s a difficult task because of the lack of evidence and information

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