Compare And Contrast Guns Germs And Steel Essay

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Guns, Germs and Steel Essay

There is a technological disparity between different countries and civilizations because of what their geography and what type of climate they have. The climate and natural resources determine how the civilization developed.

The Europeans geography controlled their agriculture giving them abundant crops, the ability to domesticate animals to increase productive development, immunity to deadly germs as a result of their exposure to their animals, and the ability to make steel which then led to decimation to other civilizations.

Geographic location has a big effect on a civilations development and plant-lives ability to produce and thrive. If you were to plant crops in an area with only one season like, Papua
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Areas like the Fertile Crescent developed steel first because they had a semi-arid climate, ore deposits, carbon, and metal specialist these were the requirements to create steel, other places like Africa, Incas, and the New Guineans had some other these properties but not all. Africa had the iron and carbon but didn't had a stable enough food supply for specialist because they were forced to spend all their time hunting and gathering for food, the same scenario happened with the New Guineans they had the ore and carbon but not the semi-arid climate to burn the long fires or a stable food supply which led to no specialists. Lastly the Incas did not have iron deposits they had gold and tho they made gold weapons gold is much weaker than steel so in battle the Inca gold swords would perish. The development of civilization depends on the agriculture, domestication of animal, germs, and steel. Each region of the world has different civilizations based on the natural resources of the area. The people of each area learned to prosper by what the land had given them. Each natural resource defined the evolution of the

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