Nature And Environment Essay

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An environment is the natural surrounding where the human life grow, develop and end. Environment is a gift by the nature to nourish the life on the earth. Everything that we use to continue our life comes from the environment that we live in. Our environment plays a very significant role in making possible of life on the earth. Our relationship with the environment is very important as our life is possible only because of it. As environment plays great role in our life we have an ethical, moral responsibility towards it.
Nature can be seen as beautiful and peaceful but it also inspires fear in man who had to fight it in order to survive. As people are being separated from nature, nature is in great harm. Modern technology has given humans the great power which has also effected the nature in a great way. Due to all the modern technology nature is being depreciated day by day and humans are facing problems like acid rain, climate change, depletion of ozone layer and many calamities. These man created environmental problems cannot be solved by technology alone. With our population at 7 billion and growing, we have
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People began building cities, industries which led people distancing from the nature. We developed ignorance of our role and relationship with nature. People became more techno centrism. They have the faith in technology and believe that they have control over nature. They do know environmental problem exist, but rather than knowing technology is harming the nature they think technology and science can save the environment. People became more selfish and thought they created the environment and started limiting, ignoring other species and nonlife entities that has huge values to humans. People started building house for themselves while destroying the house for other living beings. They started using the resources in a massive way thinking everything was made for

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