The Consequences Of College Education: The Benefits Of Higher Education

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We are told to invest in our education. What exactly are we investing in? They say college will benefit us in the long run, will it? Many students drop out before they even finish high school, but why are the numbers of college dropouts increasing? All these students want to do is to have a career and an opportunity to give back to the community in some way. Why is wanting an education beginning to look like a bad idea? Not even a bad idea, but a punishment? Is it truly worth the stress and empty bank accounts? The benefits of going to college do seem to outweigh the costs because those who have continued with their education and have earned higher degrees seem to be rewarded with higher wages and a more stable, secure lifestyle.
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In the United States, students are rewarded to getting a higher education no matter the cost. Another idea, by Mary C. Daily & Leila Bengali, in FRBSF Economic Letter, published in May 5, 2014 is that high school graduates face twice as much unemployment as those who graduate from college. Nevertheless, there is debate whether or not college outweighs the cost of students just attending. In this article, they discuss about those with just the high school education and how they will have less earnings than those of higher education. Annual tuition is the same all four years, but students attending college receive no earnings in school. The extra earnings of the college graduate could be invested in their children 's college tuition. School that can be paid once they have earned a college degree and begin receiving college degree earnings. Loans will no longer be a stressor for they will be able to pay it off in time. In conclusion, Mary C. Daly & Leila Bengali say that it is possible to achieve success without attending college, but in order to gain higher earnings it involves a college …show more content…
Although, many do seem to find their own perception of success with or without a college degree, but financially it seems to me that graduating from four-year college will provide more financial success. Automatically college graduates will receive more than those who stopped there is a case and after graduating high school. Many who stick to only having a high school diploma will find themselves with higher chances of working part time rather than full-time. Their wages will be much slower than those with a college degree all in all, I have concluded that colleges investment for people to retire much earlier and live a much more stable lifestyle. College is worth the sacrifice and stress… especially worth the top Ramen every night budget. All of the expense will lead up to the student being able to provide and benefit in more ways than

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