Sexual Education In Schools Research Paper

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Shy is a fourteen-year-old girl, and she believes she is absolutely and really in love with her sixteen year old boyfriend. Her boyfriend, unfortunately, only wants one thing from her: sex. He has threatened her to break up with her if she does not have sex with him, and she really is truly considering doing it. She is very young and just started developing, but she’s already feeling the pressure of what she feels she needs to do to keep her relationship together. Only, she does not have to. She can say no, but she is definitely leaning towards saying yes. Only, she knows absolutely nothing about the anatomy of her own body, let alone her boyfriend’s body, or how to protect herself from the risks. Her abstinence-only course at school taught her absolutely nothing about that and now she just does not know what to do.
Shy is only one of many cases of people who do not know what they must know about sexual relationships. She was taught that abstinence is the only way to remain safe and therefore she never got that
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Comprehensive sexual education courses can be pushed by parents, voters, and even older students who themselves struggled when they were not taught what they needed to know about sexuality. If more people become active in advocating the positives of comprehensive sexual education to the public, then teenagers would become able to think for themselves about what they can do to make sure that they protect themselves from disease and early parenthood. The benefits of a well-informed young adult are definitely worth any worries that someone might have. After all, the better informed anyone is about a topic, the better off they are in the future, and that includes teenagers with the topic of

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