The Conflict Theory Perspective On Education And Income

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1. The conflict theorist perspective on education and income is that one would affect the other. They would argue that a community or a certain group of people would be at a disadvantage where the best education would be in question. Conflict theorist would purpose that the lower income society would not offer the best education consequently, this would make it difficult for these group of people to invest in the best strategy to have a substantial income. From a conflict theorist point of view the group with the best income will strive for the best education therefore using their attribute they learn with the best education due to more money they’re likely to have a better outcome in the income department. Consequently, we have social problems …show more content…
For example, they would say the higher the income the higher education there. Symbolic functionalism would also say that the standardize test are not in the language that a lower income family would completely understand. Symbolic interactionalism would say you have to learn the language that would help succeed.
• Structural functionalism would say that the education is latent function in reference that education is the key for you to be successful in society therefore producing a better income.
2. Race and ethnicity will always be a social problem. Therefore, the ceasing to exist is simply just a dream.
Structural functionalism definition is the THEM vs US. This theory describe who we are in order to describe who we are not. For example, the melting pot wants us to believe that everyone is the same when in reality we are all completely different in every aspect of
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Symbolic Perspective on gender is the society ascribe certain characteristic to females and males. Gender and roles is a learn behavior from a socialization outcome. From the beginning of times society decides what is expected from different genders. For example, women are theoretical to wear dresses, maintain a certain appearance is confined to a certain attitude. Whereas, a man doesn’t have to dress his norms are jeans, slacks, shorts etc. whichever outfit suits him best. Symbolic perspective look on gender role the norm is not valid until society says it valid.
Conflict theory perspective still focus on the have and have nots, but most of the perspective comes from a male point of view. For example, women are inferior outside the home because conflict theory beliefs women are more valuable inside the

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