Reflection Paper On Deviance

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Throughout these last few weeks I have learned a lot in this class. What I have learned has made me think more about the world around me, broadening my mindset. I was very excited to take this course because my favorite course in high school was sociology. I knew I would like this course because I am interested in the material and it allows me to think outside of the box. I really like how it isn’t as cut and dry as other subjects may be; sociology allows you to have an open mind. By saying it is not cut and dry, I mean that it has so much more to it and someone may take something entirely different from it than I did. Sociology can be looked at in many different perspectives, as we learned through the perspectives of other sociologists. Three …show more content…
Functionalist theories on deviance explain that contrary to popular belief, deviance is not dysfunctional for society. Functionalist theories believe that deviance is functional because it creates social unity. They feel that if a behavior is labeled deviant, then it will make light of normal behavior and people will gravitate toward what is considered a normal behavior in society. It is argued that without deviance, norms are meaningless because it clarifies what the norms of society are. Deviance results from structural strains in society and it is important for there to be some type of mishap in order to know what it is to be a functioning society. Theorists argue that deviance occurs when people’s attachment to social bonds is diminished …show more content…
Functionalism explains that gender roles and statuses are learned from socialization. Men and women adapt to the certain gender roles and expectations that they believe they should follow. “Conditions such as wage inequality, a functionalist might argue, are the result of choices women make that may result in their inequality but that nonetheless involve functional adaptation to the competing demands of family and work roles” (273). We adapt to the norms of society as it relates to gender and this provides a proper function in society that is beneficial. Conflict theory focuses on social structures and believes that men have all the power in society. “Influenced by the work of Karl Marx, some feminist scholars argue that women are oppressed because they have historically constituted a cheap supply of labor” (273). Conflict theorists focus on the past that women have and how they were mistreated. They believe that women’s inequality remains due to capitalism. Symbolic interaction theory focuses on social interaction as the basis of gender construction. According to the text, “identity is constructed through ongoing social interaction and “doing gender”(275). People behave based on what society thinks of gender and if they decided to change these ideas, then gender could potentially change as well and it would mean something entirely different to “act like a girl”. Gender is based

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