The Conflict Of A Conflict Management Essay

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When we have communication with each other, we might have different point of views toward different issues because of our own cultures. Like gender differences and different communication channels will affect us to make different decisions and views. Therefore, there will be a conflict created if our views and cultures are different. I usually use escapist style to avoid the conflict since I find it is effective to let us calm down and be serious to think about the problem. So that I can avoid the direct conflict and find out solution after we calm down. If we do not have a great conflict management, it will be harmful and dangerous to our relationships. So we should think twice before we act in order to compromise and solve the conflict. For example, there is a scenario about a conflict between two roommates. The roommate A is a vegetarian and he doesn’t like the smell of meat. Roommate A want his roommate deep clean the equipment, but the roommate B loves meat and hates to clean. As a result, they have a conflict about the smell of the meat because they have different culture backgrounds and habits. In this scenario, I think the first solution is to build supportive climates, which can help to work and find the solution by themselves. Supportive climates involve communicators who are open to one another’s ideas and feelings. Supportive climates can provide the atmosphere that can easier to let them understand each other. Like in this scenario, roommate A is a vegetarian…

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