The Conflict Management Style Process Essay

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In order to prepare for this negotiation, I first created a negotiation checklist. As the publisher, my goal was to get the agent to sign Paige Turner with the maximum amount of points possible (32,500). The conflict management style I decided to begin with was collaborative. I figured since the outcome is important and that the relationship would continue after the negotiation this style was appropriate. My first tactic was to probe/test (1.5). I needed more information on the interests of Paige. I asked Morgan, the agent, why her client was leaving her current publisher and what problems she had with them. She responded with answers and the first issue she brought up was how her last publisher didn’t give her enough book clubs to adapt the novel. I then quickly said well I know I can give you 5 book clubs and she quickly accepted. That issue was a quick close, no questions asked. This gave me the max amount of points at 7,500. To keep her saying yes I continued with the soft issues and asked how she felt about the number of countries where the book was sold. She expressed that she wanted as many as possible to which I replied that my company expands to 14 countries worldwide. She the said yes. I used the salami tactic (1.5) on the soft issues. I felt like the more I got her to say yes, the more likely she would continue accepting my offers. This foot-in-the-door persuasion tactic would get her to say yes to small issues so that she may continue saying yes to the difficult…

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