The Concept Of Placing Computers Essay

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Review of Other Work
The concept of placing computers in the classroom is not a new one. Many organizations and academic institutions have launched various projects to turn this concept into a reality. The

recent emergence of small, low cost-computers is a relatively new one. Only in the last couple of years have they become a viable option. Fortunately, despite the early age of the technology, the project that I am proposing is not completely ground breaking. There have been multiple projects with similar goals, the lessons learned from previous projects and work are essential to increasing my project’s chances of success.
Despite the tremendous potential for computers as learning aids, what we have learned from previous attempts at introducing them into the classroom environment includes substantial logistical and programmatic obstacles. Driving down the cost of computers only begins to address logistics. While introducing technology to one school might begin to meet the need, and while in this specific case there is minimal integration into an existing system anticipated, there is still ongoing maintenance and installation of a large number of individual programs to take into consideration. This will require a longer term plan than just one fixed installation period.
If the installation at this particular location is a very unique case or a small, private school, it is possible that the system solutions will work on an ad-hoc basis, but this reduces the impact of…

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