The Concept Of Evidence-Based Practice In CLBP Management

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The global aim of the current proposal is to optimize primary healthcare professional practices in CLBP management by using evidence-based practice. To achieve this goal, the current proposal is designed to cover the Chronic Care Model (CCM) elements. CCM was developed and used to comprehensively improve and increase the quality of chronic disease care by identifying the essential components of a health care system [122, 123]. CCM provokes productive interactions between patients and health care providers, which are needed to improve health outcomes among individuals with chronic diseases [122]. The productive interactions are clinical and behavioural interventions that reflect evidence-based guidelines and include the self-management skills …show more content…
These guidelines should be discussed with the patients to inform them about the principles behind their care [129]. In addition, health care providers need to stay up-to-date on the most recent evidence [129]. The evidence-based guidelines must be integrated in the clinical setting to facilitate the practice behaviour change; this integration can be achieved using “timely reminders, feedback, standing orders and other methods that increase their visibility at the time that clinical decisions are made” [129].
4- Clinical Information Systems
Organizing the patient and population data may help improve the quality of care [123]. Having access to patients’ data at individual and population levels is essential to make the chronic disease care effective [130, 131]. “A comprehensive clinical information system can enhance the care of individual patients by providing timely reminders for needed services, with the summarized data helping to track and plan care” [132]. The information system may improve the quality of care by identifying groups of patients who need additional and proactive care [132].
5- Self-management
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This study is a longitudinal study, participants are assessed on three time points; baseline, and 3 and 6 months. Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) will be conducted to determine the predictors of general health perception. This may help clinicians to tailor interventions to the needs of individuals with LBP and reinforce the demands for interdisciplinary intervention for individuals with LBP. This project corresponds to the “Delivery System Design” element of the CCM, it will help provide certain clinical services for complex patients and transform the health care from treatment of the LBP consequences to

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