The Components Of An Effective Tool For Evaluating Teachers Essay examples

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Danielson’s purpose in writing this article is to outline the components for the framework of an effective tool for evaluating teachers. The evaluation of teachers is a critical component for schools and administrators as these evaluations provide the data for making daily decisions for continued school improvements. School leaders have many responsibilities. One of the most important responsibilities that a school administrator has is the process of evaluating teachers. Evaluations promote improved student learning and the continued professional development of teachers. Danielson begins by illuminating the underlying problem with teacher evaluation tools. She begins by stating the ultimate function of existing teacher evaluation tools and how they are used to assess the performance of teachers in order to stimulate the learning of both teachers and students. Current teacher evaluation tools exhibit several inadequacies in their formulation and structure. These current teacher evaluation tools are lacking in criteria that provide feedback for helping teachers identify areas for improvement. Performance components and comments are simple and offer no insight to qualify the rating. There are no components that separate criteria for entry-level and career teachers and no sections to indicate the expertise and the experience of career teachers. Danielson continues by pointing out that due to the lack of consistency between administrators, teachers scores may be biased…

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