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As I read this piece by Protheoroe, I thought about how the best walkthroughs and evaluations came from my vice principal, now our principal, two years ago. He really made walkthroughs a purpose. Each month, he would do walkthroughs, and provide teachers with data on what he saw. For example, one month, he wanted to focus on small group teaching. He provided teachers with data to show how many walkthroughs he made, and what grades he saw doing small group instruction. This was very effective. Not only was he not focusing on individual teachers, but he provided all teachers with a snapshot of our school. It also helped him get an overview of the needs of the school. During his walkthroughs, he spent 3-5 minutes in the classroom. The principal …show more content…
I think part of that had to do with having a vice principal and principal. Last year he was the only principal, and without a vice principal, it was hard for him to get the same kind of data. Last year, it reminded me of what you would see based on the readings of Marshall, where the principal would put our evaluations in our mailboxes and asked us to sign and let him know if we had any questions. I do not think many teachers expressed any concerns. I remember we had a post conference scheduled at the end of the year to go over my evaluation, but we had to cancelled because of other conflicts. He asked me to look over it, and tell him if I had any questions. By the time I got around to it, it was the end of the school year. I thought I would just worry about next school year. I think this are the same experiences many other teachers face when it comes to …show more content…
There is a major focus on evaluations and goals of teachers. We had time to meet with our evaluators (that been our principal or vice principal), and discuss our goals. I will be meeting with my vice principal this Friday to discuss my teacher and student goals. I have also noticed both of them doing walkthroughs. They both have their own style, but I think they are on the same page. My principal likes to take pictures and send it to the teachers, my vice principal usually sends emails with her notes. They both want to focus on teacher growth and building our strengths, and also the understanding of students in the classrooms. Usually, they take time to ask students what they are learning and why is it important. From the article, I would like to see teachers at our school involved in the teacher evaluation process. I think it would be great for teachers to also do walkthroughs and help our administrators collect data. I like how the article mentioned an example of one teacher focusing on what is on the walls, another on what is on the board, and another on interviewing students. I know my principal has mentioned the possibility of including teachers in this process, and I hope it happens

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