The Community Of Pecan Plantation Essay

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In the very large community of Pecan Plantation we have garbage trucks that come by every tuesday morning. For a gated community the size of granbury’s population every family brings a lot of trash to the curb every tuesday. Throught granbury there are many places that residents can take their recycling to in order to dispose of it properly. But just next door in Pecan there is only a single recycling bin placed right in the middle of the community on a road that not many travel. This has become a growing problem in Pecan Plantation due to the growing size of the population every year.

Since seven years ago when my family moved here the recycling service was cut due to the majority of the population of Pecan being elderly. They would on accident trash and recyclable materials together. although this problem had no major fix the committee board in charge of many things that happen in Pecan Plantation decided to eliminate recycling all together. In the past couple years they have improved the situation by placing a recycling bin in the center of the community. This solution for a big problem just left more problems than it tried fix in the end.

Having a single recycling bin in such a huge community is almost worthless saying every year they expand a new portion of Pecan with hundreds of more houses. The population is now well over 4,000 people and with that many families all the recycling cannot be contained in one bin. The other problem is…

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