Essay on The Community Involvement Of Local Firearms Policy

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Community involvement in local firearms policy is advocated to be an important component of efforts to curtail violence. This research describes the first evaluation of one such effort, a gun buyback program. The purpose of this study is to examine a gun buy-back program in a way that fills knowledge gaps that exist in past evaluations. Many interventions aimed at decreasing the availability of handguns have been tried. Such efforts include national, state, city, and community level initiatives. Because of the power and influence of gun lobbies, voluntary efforts to curtail gun availability may be more feasible and have greater appeal than legislative or regulatory approaches. There will be a comparison of firearm-related events per month before and after the program, crimes and deaths increased, and injuries decreased, but the changes were not statistically significant. Potential telephone interviews will reveal if the community supports publicly funded gun buyback programs. There is varied support of gun buyback programs amongst local, state, and federal government entities as a means to decrease voluntarily the prevalence of handguns within a community; but their full effect on decreasing violent crime and reducing firearm mortality is unknown. The removal of one gun that would have potentially been used in a violent crime is a success.

No Guns, More Peace: Gun Buybacks to Reduce Gun Violence
The criminal justice system’s actions in both…

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