The Common Misconception Of The Term Education Essay

1643 Words Dec 10th, 2014 null Page
The common misconception of the term education is that it is just about pursuing a higher education degree. This statement is not entirely true. A person can in fact be educated without higher learning, by going to the library and reading about different subjects. People with a higher education degree know more, but this is not necessarily enough because the other part of being educated is life experiences. A person can be book smart, but that is not nearly enough because what a person learns in books, cannot always be applied to life. This is where life experiences come in. Education is supposed to be a means to help each individual grow and part of growing up is making mistakes, and learning from them. In other words mistakes are what lead each individual to going through a path that leads them to a better life, without them it seems that, life would never advance. The last component on what it means to be educated is compassion .compassion is wanting to help others. Helping others is the key to benefitting not only society but the individual as well. This is why, when a person is truly educated, they are also compassionate. Example of educated people are feminist, and civil activist that know that there is injustice in this world. They not only know there is injustice but also seek to fight against in this injustice, in the form of peaceful protest, but also through proactively advocating for equality. Compassion is part of being educated because you are using what you…

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