The Commandments Of Effective Communication Essay

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Hari Dahal
10 Commandments of Effective Communication

1. Choose a non-distracting environment.
These days, everyone has a smart phone. People seem distracted because of immediate and quick entertainment made possible by the use of phones, computers, and TVs. So, choosing a non-distracting environment is important while communicating no matter what the objective of a conversation is.

2. Keep listeners interested, and pay attention while listening.
It is important to know that the listeners are actually listening and understanding what you are trying to convey. During conversation people may not be paying attention because of immediate distraction. They could be constantly looking at their phones. So, it is important to keep the listeners attentive. And it goes the both ways. Whenever you are listening, focus on what the other person has to say or just don’t pretend to listen.

3. Always remember facial expression is unknown during texting.
When someone sends you a text, it is almost impossible to see what the other person is actually feeling or doing. One can say he is ‘okay’, when he may not be actually ‘okay’. Thus, it is important to understand that the texting isn’t the best way to communicate while expressing feelings. For quick responses, yes, can be useful. However, texting isn’t the best way to understand what other person is feeling, and it is important to remember that texting is not formal way of communication.

4. Avoid using virtual communication if possible.…

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