The College Do Over : When Exiting The Military Essay

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The college do-over: When exiting the military, I had many things on my mind. I had new future and wife to think about. I always knew that when it came time to leave the military that I would go back to school to get my degree. Sure it would have been easier to use my military background to obtain a position as a government civilian contractor or a police officer, however I was over taking the easy route. I also wanted to do things differently as a civilian and make sure I made decisions that were best for my wife and I. My wife was very aware of how I struggled in school. I told her that this was my chance to make things right and show my parents that all their efforts did not go to waste. Since I used the military as a way to avoid dealing with my bad decisions at Mission College, I felt like it was necessary to finish what I started. Not only for wife, but my parents and myself. What kind of man and husband would I be if I did not attempt a successful do over? The first semester of college was the most challenging for me. I had just got out of the military. I hadn’t done any type of academic writing, studying or math in years. I felt really discouraged and I felt like the dumbest twenty-nine year old. There were a couple times where I put out minimal effort in my assignments and there were even moments when I wanted to quite. There were a couple factors that prevented me from giving up. The primary reason was my wife. I did not want to disappoint her. I wanted to finish…

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