Essay The Cold War

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In the year of 1979, Kenneth Waltz created a hypothesis which stated “The world is more stable if dominated by fewer numbers of greater powers”. His main argument was that alliances would spread in a multipolar world rather than a bipolar world. The multipolar period is, six states fought for influence along with the distribution of power which was constantly changing. The Cold War era was only stable dude to the domination that was shared between two superpowers (A sovereign state with dominant status on the globe and a very advanced military, especially the Soviet Union or United States.) Although much has changed since the year that Mr. Waltz had presented his hypothesis. The outcome of the cold war has not only financial but also political Legacies who contributed, nuclear aspects, Public Insecurity and many others. Although most of the impact that this war has had on many nations is financial, the economies have taken many blows for the outcome of the Cold War. The financial aspect and human life that the cold war took carried much of a confrontational burden. Both Russia and the United States were left with significant economic accountability. Military funds in the cold war were estimated roughly to about $8 million, taking into account that nearly 100,000 Americans lost their lives due to the Korean War and the Vietnam War. As a result of the Soviet Union the profit was much larger in numbers that that of the United States. Russia relied too much on the…

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