The Berlin Wall: The Causes And Effects Of The Cold War

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As Germany had been divided into two, the Berlin Wall was built to stop the flow of East Germans who went to East Berlin and the opposite way. The wall was made of steel and lots of traps and explosives. Churchill called The wall the Iron Curtain. The Soviet sector became East Berlin the capital of East Germany and West Germany Bonn. In 1967 students demanding reforms in education and politics of West Germany demonstrated. Over West Germany regained some economic stability. East Berlin was an important cultural center for the Museum Island and its five museums: Altes, Neues, Alte National galerie, Pergamon and Bodemuseum. And in 1989 this wall was destroyed.
In 1969 there was a crisis of the Cuban perhaps one of the episodes that almost caused
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The main cause of this war was that the Soviet Union wanted to impose its system of communist rule the world and as the United States did not like this system. Americans were getting atomic weapons which alter the Soviets. Both countries feared the attack of one or the other. The American President felt a grudge against Russian President Josef Stalin. The Soviets feared that America used to Western Europe as a base to attack the Soviet Union (Atkinson).
The effects brought about by the Cold War were: the United States and the Soviet Union accumulated too many nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. the NATO Treaty Organization (North Atlantic military cooperation treaty signed by Washington in 1949) and the Warsaw Pact (between the Soviet Union and its European satellites, this treaty organized to Eastern Europe from the point of view military blocs were formed military as had happened with NATO in Western Europe in 1955). He came to the destructive conflicts in Vietnam and Korea. The Soviet Union collapsed because its economic
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The fact unwillingly implemented worldwide by the USSR affection too, and that gave rise to this cold war like the ambition of the United States of wanting to be the only superpower in the world, and both sides want to get the territory Europe and because of this had to be split and the Berlin wall which affect too many people, many families who had nothing to do with the ambitions of these countries had to suffer situations should not be built. All I can think is that at least this did not evolved into a nuclear war, although there were episodes that originated nearly so weaponry that was producing and exporting. As there was a breakthrough in the technology to make these weapons but unfortunately the effect they bring are not good for the

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