The Effects Of The Arms Race On The Rise Of Cold War Tensionss

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Major causes of the Great Depression include technologies, banks loaning money out on credit and government control over trade. Advances in technologies, and government taking control of the nation are causes of the Great Depression.
Technologies like electricity in 1922 helped improve productivity with machines doing the work individuals once did. Now with more time on their hands, people had more time to do recreational activities. New appliances helped the women in the home get their chores done faster leaving time for women to go shopping and purchase more products for the home. Women started seeking jobs outside of the home so that families could afford more products and services. Learning about nutrition helped individuals live longer
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Explain how the end of World War II contributed to the rise of Cold War tensions (suggested length of 1–2 pages) by doing the following:
Part C-1. Discuss the effect of the arms race on the rise of Cold War tensions.
The U.S. nuclear conflict intensified because the Soviets believed that if the U.S. used their nuclear advantages to torment the Soviets into concessions, then the Soviets would want their own nuclear bomb for retaliation. This is when the arms race really began. Each side wanted to see who could make the bigger, better bomb to destroy an area. (Norton, 2015)
The effects of the arms race were caused by the United States and the Soviet Union building bigger and bigger nuclear bombs. President Carter aided in breaking a peace deal between Egypt and Israel, and the economic fall increased Carters troubles, and the Cold War tensions came back following the Soviet invading Afghanistan in 1979. Increases in international competitions, in technologies, finance, and different fields made both the United States and Soviet Union continued to make larger and larger nuclear bombs. Needing a place to test them out scared many people and they began building shelters. That way they would have a place to hide if these were to go off and they would be saved. (Norton,

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