End The Cold War Analysis

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The beginning of the end of the Cold war stated in Jimmy Carter’s presidency, and finally ended in Bill Clinton’s presidency. Throughout the time period, each president had a different approach to ending the Cold War. In the end, it was the little contribution made by each of the presidents in this era that lead to the end of the Cold War. In 1977, Jimmy Carter was elected President of the United States. This was a couple years after the U.S. finally ended its 12 year war with Vietnam. After Vietnam, Americans took on somewhat isolationist policy because American were reluctant to the U.S. involved in another foreign conflicts like the Vietnam war. This was called Post-Vietnam syndrome, and it was caused by the trauma Americans endure during …show more content…
As of 1991, the Soviet Union dissolved, and it was no longer a communist government. Gorbachev resigned and declared his office extinct, let go of his power, and had the the pre-revolutionary Russian flag raised. He also created 11 commonwealth states from the Soviet Union. Through economic aid to Russia, Bush was able to promote the spread of capitalism in Russia. Additionally, American companies started to spread to Russia, which also promoted a capitalist society. Then in formerly Soviet territories, there was an explosion of revolutions that lead to the redrawing of lines in Eastern Europe. This lead to a great deal of turmoil within the region and left a lot of the countries looking for their self-identity. Meanwhile, in Latin America the is a big decline in communist government. More and more Latin American countries were overthrowing their communist governments and replacing them democratic governments. Overall, the U.S. took a lot of credit for causing the downfall of theses communist however, other democratic countries and factors within the communist countries play huge roles in the downfall of communism. In the end though, the work of U.S. presidents was vital to the downfall of communism. By the time Clinton came to office, the Cold War had ended and Russia was a country because of the hard work of presidents dating back to Carter. Each president added valuable solutions to ending the cold war with the Soviets. Today, the U.S. and Russia are allies and both enjoy democratic societies. The tension between the two countries over military and political factors is no longer

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