The Cold War 's Social And Political Effect On America Essays

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The Cold War’s Social and Political Effect on America
In world war II, America and the Soviet Union were allies. Their relationship throughout the war was tense. Due to paranoia and fear of communism from America and the Soviet Union’s resentment of America because of their delayed entry into the war, leading to many avoidable russian deaths, mutual hate and distrust of each other developed. This unfounded paranoia of both nations would, ultimately, cause the Cold War. (, "Cold War History.")
The Cold War affected America by leading to the rise in McCarthyism and the persecution of innocent Americans, changing pop culture to be dominated by fear and communism, and led to the execution of the containment policy that would stretch thin relations with opposing nations.

The Cold War negatively impacted American politics due to the creation of McCarthyism, which accused politicians, celebrities, and ordinary citizens of being a communist because of their bias. Therefore corrupting the ideals of an American and how American trial works
Due to the mistrust caused by the Cold War, Joseph McCarthy wildy accused many politicians of being aligned with the communist party. These claims spread terror throughout America and caused many Americans to follow in McCarthy’s steps and unjustly accuse thousands of people in the entertainment business or just regular citizens of being a communist. This lead to the destruction of many American lives as many were prosecuted and…

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