Mccarthyism In The Cold War Essay

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For decades, the United States population had an overreaching fear of communism, and were afraid that it could take over America. Although hatred for communists began as early as the 1910’s and 1920’s, it was the most intense during the period of the Cold War, which lasted from 1949 to 1989 . It was considered a period of extreme dishonesty and disloyalty, as Americans who may have been innocent were accused of aiding the Soviet Union. The main leader of these manhunts for disloyal citizens was Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin. He was known to have instilled fear in the American people, by saying how communists were aiming to corrupt America, and their lives were at stake. He rose to fame on February 10, 1950 with his “Enemies from Within” speech that he …show more content…
Despite the latter, people still took these beliefs and passed them on throughout the entirety of the Cold War. People still feared communism, and came to despise the nations that institutionalized it. This need for containing communism started some of the wars that the United States was involved in, such as the Korean and Vietnam Wars, and to some of the legislation passed in the period, such as the Taft-Harley Act. It wasn’t until the end of the Cold War that we start seeing the end of hatred towards communists, and when the Berlin Wall fell and the Soviet Union disintegrated, we thought we would finally be at peace. Little did we know, that these sentiments of abhorrence would continue through to modern times. Instead of communists, however, it’s on terrorists, and anyone who appears terrorist-like can get arrested, just like how anyone could get arrested for being a communist. Although McCarthyism and hate towards communism may no longer be problematic to date, but it remains a significant influence and similar ideals still

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