The Cold War On The World War II Essay

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Cold War Following years of brutal fighting, a war which engulfed the entire world, feelings could not simply be thrown away. Bitter rivalries had arisen out of World War II, even ones between former allies. Just after the war America’s public support and trust of the USSR was higher than 50%, within months that number would drop lower than 35% as hostility grew between the two nations. Many began comparing it to Hitler’s Nazi Germany in ways such as the autocratic government and labor camps. The ones that began pointing out these similarities were the head officials of government, the ones who formulate our policies for America. Although some people believe that the Cold War had little to no effect on the policy decisions of President Truman and Eisenhower, it infact tremendously influenced their decisions regarding economic, political, and military domestic and foreign policies. One peaceful way that our commander and chiefs could attack the communists while remaining peaceful was through economic sanctions. They wanted to make sure that the Soviets and their allies would not be aided in any way by America itself. For example, only six days after the conclusion of World War II in Europe, Truman ordered that all American private companies cease their military shipping to allied nations. While this affected all of the allies, it was aimed at crippling the Soviet Union because Truman could see the vast differences in political philosophy and how that may affect relations…

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