The Cold War By John Lewis Gaddis Essay

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The Cold War lasted from 1945 to 1985. Few history experts took the time to deal with or to speak about the events as they happened. Leaving most indivduals wondering about the development of the war. During this frightening period, different presidents served for the American people and each president felt the war carried a lot of dangers. In the same way that, young Americans, Soviets and other people who lawfully lived in a the country, state, etc. of the world required the services of an educated person to provide understanding of deep things. The author John Lewis Gaddis of The Cold War: A New History presents an remarkably very wide view of the Cold War. In this book, Gaddis strongly defends and expresses that the cold war was both inevitable and essential because the Soviet empire and its friends could not be moved back but had to be contained. Towards the end of the war, no country had actually launched an attack on one another. In that same way, this reviewer feel the central idea of the book was that the Cold War brought an end to the use of military strength and ability as the perfect definitions of power as perceived five years before the start of Cold War. Gaddis also inspects some of the famous and important people who helped to resolve the war that had changed. Gaddis focuses on the Cuban errors of Nikita Khrushchev which resorted in President Kennedy misinterpreting and almost went to war. Khrushchev slipped rocket-fired weapons into Cuba, mostly as an…

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