Essay about The Cold War And Considerations For Nuclear Fallout Shelters

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Kenneth Rose’s book One Nation Underground thoroughly analyzes America’s view about the Cold War and considerations for nuclear fallout shelters. The Cold War had many effects on American people. With the nuclear arms race approaching and America not being able to catch up to the Soviet Union, American people began to wonder what was in store for them in the coming future. This time period brought mixed views about what needs to be done to protect the United States from nuclear warfare as well as characteristics of ignorance, unpreparedness, and fear from Americans that lead to the preparedness for nuclear attack. Mixed views about types of civil defense that needed to take place during this time were very controversial. Nuclear warfare sparked a consideration for multiple protection programs as well as the new discovery of fallout. Shelter programs were being put into consideration in the 1950s, but were rejected because the appropriate funding for the programs were not available. Also, the Eisenhower administration switched their position from shelters programs to evacuation programs because evacuation would be cheaper (Rose, 24). The basis of the rejection of all these programs had to deal with money. Money seems to be the main central point of what is keeping the United States from creating a civil defense. In Rose’s One Nation Underground, he states, “The high cost estimates were disturbing enough” (Rose 32). The evacuation program was cheaper to begin with until the…

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