Essay on The Codes Of Ethics And Class Management Skills

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Teaching, one of the most intense, emotionally demeaning, and downright time taking careers anyone can undertake. Yet, every year college students enter into education programs seeking out this occupation. However, knowledge about the subject is not enough, being a teacher is not the same as a presenter; meaning, those in the education profession must have a degree of people skills and class management skills. This is not to say however that aspiring educators need to be strict and stern when it comes to the classroom and managing situations; pedagogues are not teachers, they are drill instructors for the next Marine platoon. To be a proper teacher there is a balance of rules, understanding, and ethics. Luckily, Florida’s department of education provides a code to which all aspiring teachers must know and properly understand.
The Codes of Ethics
Obligation (a)
Teachers are responsible for keeping students safe from any harmful conditions that may cause problems in learning or to the student to the best of their ability (FED, (n.d.). The point of this obligation is to illustrate that teachers are responsible for their students, and their classroom. Now, it is understable to say that teachers do not control students, but there is no excuse for students being allowed to impede their classmates’ learning. For example, an educator would fail at upholding this code if they allow a student to continue to hold side conversations while a lecturer is going on. A teacher may…

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