Essay on The Classroom Environment

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Task 2 Elementary Scenario Part A
A1. Disruption in the classroom environment
Sarah will not remain in her seat and she frequently wanders around the classroom. Her behavior is disruptive in a third grade classroom because it takes instruction time away from the other students. As the teacher addresses Sarah’s conduct her peers will become off task and miss essential commands and directives. Sarah’s conduct can also become a power struggle if the teacher allows her behavior to escalate. The peers that mimic her behavior will believe that wandering around the room is acceptable if the teacher ignores the disruption.
A2. Antecedent
A possible antecedent of Sarah’s behavior in the classroom is that she may be struggling with understanding the classwork material. The students in class differ in their academic and social skills; therefore, the teacher should take note of whether she is struggling with her classwork. Sarah’s wandering about the room takes time away from her having to sit down and complete her work. It can also mask the fact that she does not understand what is expected of her concerning the assignment. To accurately determine the antecedent of Sarah’s behavior the teacher must record some vital information such as the time the behavior occurs, what is a potential trigger, and what is the mood of the student when the behavior occurs. There is also the possibility that Sarah is having difficulties staying on task out of boredom during transition time therefore she…

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