The Class I Observed Is A Senior Exercise Class On Youtube, Https

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The class I observed was a senior exercise class on YouTube, After watching the class, I can only assume the age of the participants is around 70 or 80 years of age. This class had 5 female participants and all of them stay seated throughout the entire class. The reason that the class participants are seated in chairs while exercising is because they may have limited mobility. Because of their age seniors need approach everything differently in life and exercising is no different.
After the age of 30 muscle mass will start to decrease. As for seniors, the body fat can double from when they were younger. If a senior citizen wants the put-on muscle mass than they need to take similar steps that a young adult would take. The process if basically the same. The first is always ensuring the body is getting proper nutrition. Without proper nutrition, the exercise routine is pointless. Protein will always the star of the muscle building equation. The average adult, especially an exercising adult requires between 46 to 56 grams of protein daily (Skye, 2013). The body can only absorb so much protein, so seniors need to pay close attention to how much protein they are intaking because too much could cause undue stress on the kidneys. The selected exercise program should be similar to a younger person program, but with slight modifications. The senior should ease into the workout after a proper warmup. The resistance should be light with…

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