The Civil War Was Inevitable Essay

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In order to determine if the Civil War was inevitable, we must first look at what the root cause of the Civil War was. The states seceded from the Union, because they had originally been free and were self governing. Since the federal government started to take powers away from the states, relations between the Southern states and the federal government started to become hostile. Had the federal government allowed the states to be self governing, there would not have been a Civil War, but since the federal government continued to trample on the states rights, they felt they had no choice but to secede. After the colonists fought for their freedom from a tyrannical overarching government, they were free from British rule, but the states were not truly unified in any way. In order to bring order to the states, all thirteen states were involved in the process and ratification of the Articles of Confederation. Their was a major flaw to these articles though, the federal government was virtually powerless while they were in place. This is how the Southern states preferred to live, with as few restrictions on them as possible. In order to have safety and protection, each state decided to agree to the constitution, which took away some of the freedoms the states enjoyed, in order to be stronger as a whole. This put the states in a federation, where they were unified under a stronger central government. The Nullification crisis…

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