Essay about The Civil War : The End Of Slavery

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Serving in the United States Military comes with great responsibility as well as pressure and liability. Freed African American slaves served in the U.S. military as early as the 18th century, but it wasn’t until after WWII that these troops were racially desegregated. Racism is a real problem in the military and it will continue to be a problem for years to come. Why is it that these human beings get discriminated against when all they want to do is serve their country and fight for freedom? The U.S. needs to pay more attention and put a stop to this. Racism is terribly wrong and everyone deserves the right to be respected.
Some of these black slaves ran away from their owners to join the Army and fight for their freedom. The Civil War was a pivotal moment in deciding the fate of African Americans. A Union win would ultimately lead to the end of slavery. Although the war didn 't begin with the idea of bringing slavery to an end, it soon became an important part of the war. White soldiers believe that blacks lacked the ability to fight and instead used them for labor. Even after proving themselves to be worthy soldiers, blacks were still heavily discriminated.
At the end of the Civil War, roughly 120,000 black troops were on active duty. Almost 30,000 African Americans served in the Union Army and a couple of vessels were under the command of black sailors. Of the 1,523 Medal of Honor awarded during the Civil War, 23 of them were given to blacks. On February 15, 1898,…

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