African American Struggle In The Civil War Essay

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Imagine fighting for a great cause, not only for your country but for your own race! African Americans fought for both the Confederates and the Union. Some of these African Americans were former slaves, others were African Americans who wanted to abolish (or get rid of) slavery. Over 180,000 African Americans served in the Civil War. Many however, were not recognized after the war ended. At the time when the Civil War occurred there were over 4 million slaves in the south. The Union fought to unite the divided country and to free the slaves. The south fought for independence and to decide the future of the southern slavery. In this paper we will look at 2 amazing stories of troubles, sorrows, and triumphs of these brave soldiers.
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Then they offered to raise 3 regiments of the free colored to join the state 's militia forces. The government, after some disagreement, agreed. After the government accepted, Benjamin helped to start drilling new recruits in the parks and squares of the New Orleans. Benjamin after having the option to leave decided to stay put until the Confederate troops arrived. Several people stated that these black men were better off than the slaves toiling in the south. (Toiling- hard and continuous work) Though they were still second class citizens. The Union seem to offer more hope for some improvement of the African Americans conditions than the south. So, as a result, many free African Americans offered their services to the Federal Government. At first the Union army refused. Then the Confederate’s counter attacks threatened to take over the Union army in Louisiana. Benjamin pleaded and begged with the war department to send him reinforcements. He was told by the government that he was on his own. Since they would not give him reinforcements he decided “ I will enlist all the colored troops I can from the free …show more content…
So the battle then turned into hand-to-hand combat. The soldiers fought with their rifle butts and bayonets. A white officer named Captain M.M Miller said “It was a horrible fight, the worst I was ever engaged in.” Many people believed that since many of the soldiers were slaves, was why they fought even harder and that their hatred towards slavery fueled their courage. Miller said “I never saw a braver company of men in my life.” Fortunately for the Union, 2 gunboats arrived at midday. They were ready with cannons sticking out of the armor. They fired with a single volley. (Volley-Simultaneous discharge of several missiles.) Soon after the Confederates fled. The Union had won the Battle of Millikan 's Bend! The cost of the victory was high. 1/3 of the African American soldiers had been killed or injured. The south had caught 50 black soldiers and 2 officers. The Confederates sold some into slavery then murdered the rest. Miller wrote “They met death cooly and bravely. I have never felt more grieved and sick at heart, than when I saw my brave soldiers had been

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