The Civil War On Slavery Essay

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Trevor Spence, Ms. Maldonado’s US History, III, Friday 13th, 2015

Prompt: My high school history teacher was quick to say: "the Civil War was not fought to free the slaves." Was he correct? How would you characterize the relationship of slavery to the Civil War? In your answer, be sure to use primary sources for evidence.

The War on Slavery

Despite economic and geographic factors at play, slavery was undoubtedly the central issue which began sectionalism and eventually justified the Civil War. English pilgrims first colonized in Jamestown, Virginia, where they began using slaves in the early seventeenth century. These slaves were imported from Africa and some were brought from Europe. The people imported from Europe were known as indentured servants, who were often convicts. English settlers noticed that the black slaves were more productive than the indentured servants, so the black slaves were used to harvest the tobacco, which was the most exhausting labor. Slavery became the greatest economic benefit for the southern economy, while the north’s economy was based on industry. The differences in economy created a sectional conflict, which all arose from slavery. The issue of slavery surrounding the Missouri Compromise, Kansas-Nebraska Act, and the Fugitive Slave Act, led to the beginning of the Civil War. The Missouri Compromise of 1820 and the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854, were both argued upon because of the issue of slave versus non-slave states. Prior to 1820, the…

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